Finland Learning Center Math enables children to think critically and apply mathematical principles efficiently.


New world, new challenges

FLC Math is a digital learning platform with scientifically proven impact on the learning abilities of every child individually. It is convenient for teachers to execute automated lesson planning and learning analytics. FLC Math achieves its objectives by combining Finnish educational excellence with gamification and AI.


A skill beyond average

Finland Learning Center Math enhances the mathematical fluency and cognitive skills of children through modern Pedagogy tools. Learner-Centered Methodology from Finland Applied for solving mathematical problems


Unique for children

FLC Math is a unique mathematical platform developed by Finnish teachers for children aged 6-15, consisting of 15,000 mathematics exercises applicable with any curriculum. One of the primary features of this program is the customization of lesson plans for student needs. Progress of students can be monitored through learning analytics and can be shared with parents periodically.


Scientific research based

FLC Math has supportive scientific research of more than 12 years. Research has shown that students solve up to 8 times more tasks compared to pen and paper. These studies show it enhances Mathematical fluency and provides a significant improvement to results and grades.