Grapho Game

Helping children learn languages and pronunciations by applying modern concepts of linguistics.


New world, new challenges

GraphoGame traces its origins to 18 years research on the early identification and prevention of dyslexia conducted in Finland. GraphoGame is developed by Educational and Linguistics scientists in collaboration with leading program and design developers. Students can learn early grade literacy in English, Chinese, Dutch and many more.


A skill beyond average

Millions of children are illiterate around the world along with struggling readers, to provide 1-on-1 support to these segments of children is difficult.


Unique for children

Our aim is to provide evidence-based literacy tools and engage them through gamification of learning processes that will help children, parents and teachers.


Scientific research based

Supportive scientific research of more than 12 years. Research has shown that students solve up to 8 times more tasks compared to pen and paper. GraphoGame is an academically researched early literacy learning program designed as games and methodology.